About Us

Eddie Yu photoshootHi, my name is Eddie Yu and I've been an entrepreneur since 2001 in various capacities from starting out doing small projects in web design, to running a digital agency. I've co-founded various businesses and my latest project Mindlogr is growing steadily in the digital wellbeing space.

Throughout my career, I've been actively investing in property and as a result of over 10+ years experience in property I've managed to build a comfortable portfolio for long term growth.

EY Property came about because one of my long term passions has always been to help other people achieve success in various ways. Because of this passion I've dabbled in life coaching, trained up in NLP and I've also been a business mentor for The Prince's Trust.

EY Property is just my latest venture to help share the knowledge, experience and strategies in property that have secured my future and I want to help other people to secure their futures with property wealth.

I'll be working one on one with highly motivated people and I'd like to help first time investors or those who have a few properties but want to expand or make better use of their portfolio.

Property wealth is today one of the most secure long term wealth vehicles and it's soon becoming an asset class of its own. My goal here is to help to educate new investors in how to look at the property investing industry and demonstrate ways in which equity and debt can be used to create long term wealth.

I hope you'll join me in this journey as I share with you how to build a plan for long term success.


Keeping our communication open to everyone no matter what your circumstances are.


Maintaining an honest outlook to ensure trust at every stage of the investment process.


Making sure our processes are transparent to promote integrity and a loyal following of clients.