Resource Downloads


Here are some useful tools to download to help you manage your portfolio and property strategy.

Title Description Download
Property Opportunity Planner This is a spreadsheet which we use with our clients to plan our potential property deals. It provides a way to cross compare one deal with another to determine the overall vital financials which each deal might yield. This version contains tax position provisions brought in by the Summer Budget 2015 and stamp duty changes of 2016. Register to download
Property Sale Costs This is a spreadsheet which you can use to determine all your property sale costs if you are selling a property. It includes capital gains tax calculations for basic and high rate tax payers. Register to download
Mortgage Tax Relief Examples and Calculator This is a spreadsheet which contains all the calculations needed to understand the new policy around Mortgage Tax Relief and the changes made in the 2015 Emergency Summer Budget by the government. This is also knowns as S24 or Tenant Tax. Register to download
Buy-To-Let 16 Point Deal Checklist This checklist helps to find out whether a deal is worth pursing or not. The deal must score 12 out of 16 points to move forward. Register to download
Property Flip 16 Point Checklist This checklist goes through the 16 vital things you need to ask before going ahead with a property development project. Register to download
Property Development Deal Planner This spreadsheet will help with identifying and planning property development projects, aka Flips. It covers costs for finance, development, and all sorts of professional fees, and then calculates your ROI and uplift values. Register to download
EY Property Fee Schedule Our service fees are explained in this PDF document. Register to download
Property Deal 5 Year timeline planner This spreadsheet allows you to chart a single deal over a 5 year timeline to see how it works out. It allows you to configure house price growth rates per year, rental increases, mortgage rates etc. It gives a more accurate picture of the deal over a 5 year timespan, taking into account all the latest legal changes as well. Register to download